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My dream would not have become a reality without my wonderful husband!

Thanks to my in-laws, Lenny and Tina for helping with the painting and the bathroom.

Thanks to my in-laws, Mike and Barb, for putting in hours and hours of landscape work!  You helped to make the landscape look amazing!

And then there's me...
We offer you non-hosted weekends.  You (the hostess) rent Sunflower Shanty and then you bring your own guests with you. 

Sunflower Shanty is your inspiration oasis, where you can unleash your creativity. 


Sunflower Shanty is conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood, located minutes from the quaint shops of downtown Ottawa, IL and approximately 15 minutes from Starved Rock and wine tasting. 


We provide you with both privacy and peacefulness and transform your ordinary weekend into a relaxing and refreshing one!  As you sit in the scrapbook/craft room and gaze out the windows, you are surrounded by beautiful landscaping and might catch a glimpse or two of a hummingbird!   


Inside sunflower shanty you are wrapped in luxury from the six feet of dedicated cropping space and plush high back adjustable chair to your very own twin size bed with extremely comfortable mattresses and very warm and cozy bedding.  The house is very inviting and beautifully decorated. 


After many hours of scrapbooking, you can snuggle on the couch with a good book in hand, watch your favorite movie or go for a walk!

Weekend Rates

You can rent Sunflower Shanty for $500 a night (or $1,000.00 for Friday-Sunday).  Thursday can be added for a discounted rate of $400.

Please contact us for information on longer rentals or other weekday rentals.


Thank you to everyone who helped me get the house ready.  It's so nice to see all of our hard work pay off in the end.  I'm so thrilled and excited about Sunflower Shanty.  My dream has become a reality and I would not be ready if it weren't for my family and friends.  Here are some pictures of those who helped me along the way:

My daughters helped me so much.  They did hours and hours of peeling wallpaper.

Having fun by painting initials on the wall before actually painting the wall.

The house wouldn't be ready if it wasn't for my best friend Christa!  I can't thank her enough!  She put in hours and hours of work at Sunflower Shanty, some of which were not her favorite!  I don't think she'll ever strip wallpaper again!  Christa, I have two words for you -- master bedroom!

This became mine and Christa's favorite tool.  We couldn't have put all that furniture together without it!  Well, we could have, but it would have taken us a long, long time!  Thanks to John for letting us use it.
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